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operation beef cake.

work’in hard

well i have hit the gym twice. put down some serious calorie burning elliptical time. just need to go keep this up and i will be thin in 10.4 years.  !    it could be said i broke the diet a little bit last night with the…fruity pebble attack of 2011.


a ruddy good start!

oh wow. 6 days later, im 12 pounds heavier. i wonder how many stones that is.

it is also the first official weigh in day.

Day 1 – Take 2

Well it’s not technically day 1 of the Official Summer Slim Down.

It is however day 2 of my personal ‘off the couch and in the gym campaign’. I blame the NBC Thursday night line up for situation fat.
Aside from how this is not my fault, the actual competition begins in 6 days. Today is probably a good time to start going to the gym.